Hey there, I'm Jose.

I’m a human-oriented creator and service designer.

My expertise spawns from Branding, which naturally evolved into Service Design. My skills range from UX design to Systems Thinking.

This page’s purpose is to have an in-depth look at my professional experience.

Core skills

That helped me shape my professional expertise


Is not about taking sides but listening and weighing the best route to achieve the desired outcome. Empathy helps me connect with the needs of every person involved.


Knowing how to share information across different teams, clients, and stakeholders have helped me thread in chaotic waters.


Asking better questions helps us deliver better solutions. Facilitation is a skill that helps me go deep enough to find the truths that generate wise action.

Systems thinking

Every action has an impact. Business is a sum of many different moving parts connected as a whole. In the systems is where all the other skills meet and mix.


Dealing with systems means managing multiple truths and data. Information is useful when used right. The only way to do so is by differentiating what needs to be done versus what should be done.

Future Visioning

Mindlessly following KPIs isn’t going to take us anywhere. Setting worthy goals will. Here is where unmet client needs meet possible business scenarios.


Every journey begins with a call to adventure. Storytelling serves me as a way to inspire those looking to take action. I aim to be a guide in every story.


If delivered right, information can become a map for action. The information must be presented in a universal language to communicate effectively.


My second nature is creator mode. My entrepreneurial background pushes me to create great products and experiences. Be it an MVP, MLP, or a final product.

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